SAEX 2017 Cloud-Based Blood Pressure Monitoring System For Personal Health Management

We developed a state-of-art truly innovative wireless blood pressure monitoring system which provides a useful tool for users to measure and manage their daily blood pressure values. This system includes an ARM-based blood pressure monitor with a wireless transmission module and a cloud-based management unit with graphic user interface and database. On the management unit, user can easy to see their blood pressure variation in the past using a line chart. Accuracy of blood pressure measurement has been verified by a commercial blood pressure simulator and shown the bias of systolic blood pressure is ≤ 1 mmHg and the bias of diastolic blood pressure is ≤ 1.4 mmHg.

Developed with doctors and psychologists – including own in-house behavioral specialist – the devices connect to a free App, that will be soon available on iOS and Android. The app is built on the Health Monitoring Digital Platform, an open and secure, cloud-based platform that collects and analyzes health and other data from multiple devices and sources. All of the devices use Bluetooth to transmit data, allowing the program to measure, monitor and, ideally, motivate behavior change to better health.

Current project stage: FUNDRAISING

We are looking for $2-$3M to perform the neccessary pre-production tests.

Please contact: or +1-650-2838551